i spend all day thinking about the time when i can meet you by accident or whatever

but if i don’t see the chance, i get angry and i don’t want to visit these places just..

and you even don’t feel anything for me cause you already got your gf

anyway i’m asking myself if it’s one-side love by first look. because i haven’t feel anything like this before

what i can do with that

and most embrassing thing with that situation is that that i know that you sleep wall behind me

and i can’t do nothing because i’m not good enough for you


Mielewski, Mazur & Bosek - Jesteś szalona


Definitely, my hero in whole tournament!


Definitely, my hero in whole tournament!

Opening Ceremony of XVIII FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship Poland 2014 | Warsaw, National Stadium (30.08.2014)



Tak bardzo przystojni *_* 


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